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For Readers:

Welcome to GuitarPedalHub! Where your quest for the perfect pedal tone begins and ends. Our platform is crafted with a singular vision: to be the cornerstone for guitar pedal exploration and useful information. We hope to build a vast collection of detailed articles and authentic video demos, to simplify your search. No more scattered information or disconnected reviews; everything you need is right here.


Our mission is to introduce you to the hidden gems of the pedal world, especially those created by smaller manufacturers with immense passion. We believe in authentic reviews, high-quality aesthetics, and genuine connections. Delve into our articles, watch our video demos, and discover the heart and soul behind every pedal.

For Pedal Manufacturers:

At GuitarPedalHub, we recognize the challenges faced by smaller pedal manufacturers. From the costs of promoting your masterpiece to the time and energy required for product photography, we understand the hurdles. That's why we're here to help. Leveraging our expertise in photography and digital marketing, we aim to give your pedals the exposure they deserve through e-commerce and conceptual photographs, a video demo, and a blog article - at no monetary cost to you

Feel free to email us at:

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photograph of five guitar pedals surrounding a strymon deco pedal in the middle
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