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Decibelics Golden Horse: The Best Part-for-Part Klon Replica In The Market.

As the only Klone pedal that is A/B tested against a real gold Centaur, the Decibelics Golden Horse continues to stand out with its superb sound quality and ability to enhance any guitar tone.

decibelics golden horse guitar pedal and klon centaur pedal


It's no secret to all those who know my gear preferences that the Decibelics Golden Horse is my favorite OD pedal of all time. To be precise, I do not use it as an overdrive pedal but more as an always-on booster. It is one of the only two pedals that have never been rotated out of my main board (the other one being the Cali76 Stacked Compressor). I view the Golden Horse as one of the best tone sweeteners that does an incredible job at enhancing the clarity and definition of each note and chord played (it simply makes everything sound better).

If you are unfamiliar with and curious about the history of the legendary Klon circuit, read this very informative Klon guide

To understand why everyone who tries this pedal falls in love with it, one must understand the Decibelics ethos, which is rooted in attention to detail, extremely high-quality standards for each component used, and superb customer service. The man behind it all is a tone-genius connoisseur by the name of Guillem Vilademunt. For more info on the backstory of this incredible Spanish pedal brand, click here


  • Exact sonic reproduction of my original gold Klon Centaur, horsie close-tail, serial number 2505 from 2001

  • Mini luxury format, vintage, and thru-hole components

  • The same Panasonic ECQ-Series N.O.S. capacitors as the original

  • Same N.O.S. 1N34A Germanium diodes (Clear crystal and black band as the original, made in USA) – Commonly known as the Magic Diodes. The Golden Horse is most probably the only Klone using them

  • The same combination of carbon and metal film resistors

  • The same Tantalum capacitor in position C16

  • Same format on capacitors in values above 1uf -Electrolytics- adapted to mini size

  • Same Charge Pump that raises internal voltage from 9V to 18V for bigger headroom

  • Buffered bypass, same as the original, with correct values

  • Dimensions with jacks: L 95mm (3.74in) x W 49mm (1.92in) – Current Draw: 25mA

  • Made to order by hand

What Sets it Apart?

Quality, quality, quality.

+ its pedalboard-space-saving mini size.

Price Point

190.00 - 220.00 (depending on the finish choice) - decibelics


If size is a factor, there is simply no alternative in the market currently (Note: I do not consider the Wampler Tumnus to be in the same high-end category as the Golden Horse). If size is not an issue for you, other notable high-end Klon-type pedals include the Origin Effects Halcyon, the Nordvang Custom No.1 Signature, and, of course, the more easy-to-obtain than the original Klon, the Klon KTR.

GPH Final Thoughts

The Decibelics Golden Horse is the pedal I ALWAYS recommend to overdrive aficionados. You simply cannot go wrong. I also recommend this pedal for players who need an overdrive but are not dirt guys themselves (talking to all of you ambient guitar players out there).

From enhancing any guitar tone without adding any distortion to adding that slight grit or acting as a full-on overdrive pedal, there is certainly something for everyone here.


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