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Unveiling the Drolofx Twin Peaks V5: Tremolo Redefined.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

With its envelope control of rate, the Twin Peaks V5 ushers in a new era of LFO functionality. The Twin Peaks V5 opens the door to fresh and unexplored sonic landscapes.


In the depths of forum, a gathering place for seasoned pedalboard enthusiasts, I first discovered drolofx and the Twin Peaks tremolo. This forum is where these veterans share insights about lesser-known gems. I had been on a 7-month-long journey to find the perfect tremolo for my pedalboard. During this time, I tried the Empress Tremolo2, Walrus Audio Monument, Source Audio Vertigo, and Subdecay Vagabond—all of which are fantastic tremolos. I was in search of something more experimental, and when I came across a mention of the Twin Peaks, I knew I had to get one.

David is the genius behind drolo, running a one-man operation in southern Belgium. There, each pedal is crafted with precision and care. What truly captivates me about his creations is the distinct creativity and innovation in each design. Every pedal not only sounds phenomenal but is also constructed with top-notch components. Plus, the graphic aesthetics are consistently impressive


  • 4 Tremolo Modes:

    • V: Volume modulation (classic tremolo).

    • F: Frequency modulation (harmonic tremolo).

    • B: Bass modulation only, with fixed treble.

    • T: Treble modulation only, with fixed bass.

  • LFO Modulation Shapes:

    • Sawtooth, Reversed Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, Sine, Hypertriangle, Reverse Hypertriangle, Random Levels.

  • Unique Controls:

    • Tap Tempo Multiplier Switch: Sets the range of the manually adjusted rate or multiplies the tapped tempo.

    • Env: Adjusts the sensitivity of the envelope detector affecting the LFO rate.

    • Env Mode: Controls how the rate responds to signal intensity.

    • Sym: Skews the shape of the LFO.

    • Tap Tempo Switch: Taps in the desired tempo.

  • Expression Input:

    • Externally controls the rate.

    • Compatible with most commercially available expression pedals using a TRS plug.

    • Can also use a control voltage instead of a resistance-based controller, but precautions are needed.

V5 Version Enhancements:

- Envelope control of the rate, allowing dynamic control of the rate based on playing intensity.

What Sets it Apart

- Pristine sound quality

- Flexibility of controls (ability to skew the shape of the selected LFO)

- Envelope control of the rate

- Bass modulation only w/ fixed treble mode

- Treble modulation only w/ fixed bass mode

Price Point - € 230.00 (for EU customers VAT taxes are applied, which average at 21%, making the final price around € 278.00 - give or take depending on country)


The Empress Tremolo2 comes to mind when I think of a pedal with a similar feature set and sound quality similar to the Twin Peaks.

GPH Final Thoughts

The Twin Peaks V5 stands out as a uniquely captivating tremolo. It provides detailed control over the LFO, making it perfect for those eager to craft experimental soundscapes. Most tremolo pedals just don't offer the features to achieve such sonic explorations.

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